Example Weddings

Laurel and Lamont

They wanted a studio set up at their wedding. They wanted photographs of themselves, group pictures with their families, as well as studio photos of their guests. The best images would then be perfectly polished. They also wanted a custom album of the photos.

The wedding was a mix of traditional and avant-garde. Laurel hand made a stunning red dress and a beautiful white dress. Rather than a traditional wedding cake, there were truly exceptional cupcakes.

The wedding album

The wedding album is 12" x 12" with wraparound hardcover on premium paper and can be ordered from blurb.com. An advantage of the digital book is that more than one copy can be purchased with ease.

Studio images from the wedding

Anne and Michael

Anne and Michael posed for their engagement session well before the wedding. They used those images on their wedding website. Michael is a glassblower who created a custom glass for each wedding guest. I photographed Michael blowing glass and also took product shots of each glass. I also made a large poster showcasing the glasses, which was displayed at the wedding.

A studio engagement shoot

Studio images from the wedding

All of the photographs

The wedding photo album (not digital)

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