Julian Cash

I live to photograph weddings and couples. Few things are more fun and fulfilling. Marriage and love are not quiet little arrangements. They are amazing, and should be flaunted and celebrated to the utmost.

Photo by Randal


I love every single page of the wedding photo album! It is really delightful. Thank you for your hard work and your thoughtful design of this album. Everyone will treasure it, especially us!
Lamont Lucas
“I was a fan of Julian's work from watching him do his stuff at burning man a decade ago, and was lucky enough to get him to set up his photo booth at our wedding.  Not only was it a non-stop party up there, with dozens of our friends laughing and enjoying the photoshoot, the photos came out simply amazing.  

His energy and creativity led to some amazing shots of us and our friends, and his technique and detailed photoshopping made us all look like rockstars.  

You cannot get a better wedding photographer.  Stop looking and hire Julian Cash. ”
Anne and Michael Brodesky

“Our guests had a blast having photo sessions with Julian in the studio he set up at our wedding. Julian makes people happy. People love looking at the wedding photo album. The images are sweet, profound, and occasionally hilarious.

We have continued to gift photo sessions to friends and business partners.”

Nicole Johnson

I have the same experience that many people have- I usually hate photos of myself. But when I look at the portraits of me taken by Julian I think “Hey, I like that awesome woman! Wait... that's ME!”

Julian sees you through a physical lens that is technically talented, but more importantly he sees you through an emotional lens that brings out your personality and your beauty.

Julian can make your photos be about you and your vision and capturing a moment of your best self. No other photographer will give you that same kind of experience. It's radical and profoundly enjoyable.

Wendy Goodfriend
“Julian is an amazing portrait photographer. He puts people at ease and makes the experience fun and joyful. He is reliable, consistent, detail-oriented, and extremely creative.”


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